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The Zycom ZTrike is perfect as the first ride-on with pedals for a toddler. It is a great choice as a tricycle to build muscle strength in the legs and prepare the child for riding a three-wheel or two-wheel kick scooter, or even a balance bike.

Made for kids from 18 month to 5 year old rider. It helps to build motor skills in coordination, control and gives the child confidence to move to other ride-ons.

Available in Blue or Pink.


  • Wide and stable wheel-base
  • Super light molded puncture-proof wheels
  • Freewheel switch
  • Folds into a compact shape for storage
  • Available in 2 fun colours
zycom ztrike folding

    Easy Folding Action
    The ZTrike features a unique and easy folding mechanism. When unfolded, it is stable with the large footprint of a tricycle. When folded, it is small and compact for easy storage.

    zycom ztrike wheel

    Fuss-free tyres
    The tyres are made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), a durable synthetic material that has rubber-like softness and flexibility. They are light, do not go flat and rolls easily while maintaining good traction with the ground.

    zycom ztrike

    Safe and stable Base
    The ZTrike has a wide stable wheelbase, providing a secure base for your child to ride hard and have fun. They can develop their motor skills safely. The child will intuitively be able to push the pedals, preparing them to progress to a bicycle.

    zycom ztrike freehub switch

    Freehub Switch
    The switch on the front tyre allows the front wheel dis-engage from the pedals. This allows your child to coast with their feet on the pedals. Re-engage the switch anytime to start pedallingagain.

    Length: 73.6CM (29 INCHES)
    Height: 62.2CM (24.5 INCHES)
    Width: 48.2CM (19 INCHES)

    Max Weight:
    50KGS (110LBS)

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