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The Prodigy is one of the most successful completes in the market. It has been consistently voted as a top scooter in terms of value (specifications versus price). Some interesting features include hydro-dipped graphics, an updated fork and a new headtube that is forged.

A metallic structure that is forged (like how a weapons smith repeatedly pounds on a glowing red sword and reheats it with a furnace,) is stronger than one that is die-cast (pouring molten metal into a cast).

Available in 5 colours: Midnight, Black, Splatter, Scratch and Oil Slick

We expect this model to sell fast so be sure to call in to check for availability before visiting.

This scooter is suited to the intermediate and experienced rider.



envy prodigy s7 forged headtube

envy prodigy series 6 grip bar

Soft but tough grips, beautiful gusseted bar

Nicely detailed two-tone thermo-plastic rubber (TPR) grips with rounded bar ends for a sleek look. Chromoly steel gusseted cross bar for strength.

envy prodigy series 6 hydro drip deck

Hydro-dipped deck paint for smooth finish

The 2018 deck colours feature two hydro-dripped print colours: the Golden Bandana and Splatter. They offer a smooth finish even with detailed graphics, giving a beautiful yet smooth and long lasting surface.

Nylon deck-end plugs for protection

Following from the 2017 designs, this year's decks also feature nylon end plug to give additional strength to the deck-tubes, while giving added protection to the rider from injury. 

envy prodigy S6 CNC fork

Updated CNC fork

One of the first things experienced riders will notice on the 2018 Prodigy S6 is the newly designed Computer Numerical Control (CNC) cut high precision fork. It is a variation of the 2017 fork with wider side profile, giving it more robustness without significantly adding weight. This new fork also takes up to 125mm wheels.


    • Head tube: NEW FORGED HEADTUBE
    • Deck: 6 Series Alu Prodigy deck | angle 82.5° |width 120mm/4.72″ | length 495mm/19.5″ |Bolt on Nylon Brake system
    • Fork: 6 Series Alu Forged Prodigy IHC fork- Compatible up to 125 x 30mm wheels.
    • Bars: 4130 Chromoly bars with extended gussets 620mm/24.4″ high x 520mm/20.5″ wide
    • Clamp: 2 bolt Prodigy Clamp- 6mm bolts
    • Headset: Fully Sealed Integrated Headset
    • Bearings: 120mm x 24 Hollow core Wheels 86A PU- ABEC 9 Bearings
    • Griptape: High Quality Griptape
    • Deck Inserts: Nylon Front Plate and rear inserts
    • Weight: 4kgs/ 8.8 pounds
    • Total Height: 880mm/34.6”
    • Total Length: 680mm/26.8”
    • Foot Space: 340mm/13.4”

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