Madd Gear VX9 Team Complete

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Madd Gear VX9 Team Complete Freestyle Scooter

The Madd Gear VX9 Team is almost 400 grams lighter than the previous version. This makes it perfect for young or new riders because it is easier to jump and on launch on.


While the VX9 Team is second in line after the Extreme model in the Madd Gear line up, it is a carefully configured pro scooter that offers unbeatable performance at a sensible price. Packed with parts that give top end freestyle scooters a run for their money, the VX9 can stand toe to toe with any competition grade scooter if the rider is up to it. Now almost 10% lighter without sacrificing on strength or durability, the Madd Gear VX9 Team is the perfect upgrade for any new or improving rider.



  • Deck: MGP 83° integrated light-af headtube, mgp gen-9 convex profile 6061 aluminum t4 & t6 heat treated extrusion with internal fluting / available in 19.5” l x 4.5” w & 20” l x 4.8” w
  • Fork: Carbine threadless 6061 aluminum 120mm fork
  • Compression: standard IHC
  • Clamp: V9 forged Extreme 6061 alu double clamp
  • Bars: MGP Highside 23 w x 25 t inch 4031 Japanese Chromoly / standard diameter with internal fluting
  • Grips: 180mm flangeless MFX soft TPR swirls grind grips with nylon bar-ends
  • Wheels: 120mm Corrupt Aluminum core with two-tone fused MGP proprietary polyurethane blend & hub decal
  • Brake: MFX v2 composite blitz
  • Hardware: 6mm
  • Weight: 4.5” – 3.41kg / 7.51lbs, 4.8” – 3.67kg / 8.09lbg

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