ABUS Aduro 2.1

$96.00 SGD

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ABUS Aduro 2.1 Helmet

Man riding road bicycle wearing Abus Aduro helmet in white

male cyclist wearing Abus Aduro bicycle helmet in silver

The Abus Aduro 2.1 offers excellent quality at a surprising low price. On paper, it is llisted as a Road helmet. But the Aduro 2.1 is in effect designed for a wide range of rides: road riding, off-road and mountain trail ride or the daily commute through the city. This helmet is also suitable for inline-skating and skateboarding.

IThe Aduoro achieves this middle-of the road character by focusing on comfort and versatility. It has fewer vents  than the standard road helmet, which  makes it more durable. However the vents are larger which gives great ventilation for great comfort. Safety is not compromised in anyway, this is a German design after all.

On top of all these, the Aduro 2.1 helmet has a timeless modern look. It is at home either on the road or on the mountain.

abus aduro 2.1 bicycle helmet in silver, side view

abus aduro helmet in colour shrimp orange front view

abus aduro 2.1 helmet in polar white, top view

    Abus Aduro 2.1 bicycle helmet 4 angles in shrimp red

    Abus Aduro 2.1 bicycle helmet 4 angles in Velvet Black

    abus aduro 2.1 helmet from 4 angles, in polar white

    Abus Aduro 2.1 bicycle helmet 4 angles in midnight blue

    Abus Aduro 2.1 bicycle helmet 4 angles in gleam silver



    The Audro 2.1 helmet is suitable for road, trail and in-city riding.

    Head-friendly shape

    A well balanced shape that fits most head shapes for any given size. The rims are also pony-tail friendly so you can tie up your hair when riding.


    Perfect for tropical or humid weather. The 3 large front facing air intake vents gulp air into channels leading to 10 large outlet vents. The ventilation is so effective you can feel air wafting through the helmet even when you are stationary. Super comfortable even on the warmest days. The front air vents are covered with insect netting to prevent bug induced emergencies.

    Highly Adjustable

    Get a very accurate fit with ABUS's Zoom Ace adjustment system. A solid adjustment wheel allows you to fine tune the fit of the rim around your head.



    Durable in-mold construction. The soft, shock-absorbing EPS (expanded polystyrene) is injected directly into the protective outer shell. This allows for a very strong adhesion between the two layers.

    Safely visible

    Built-in reflective panels on the rear of the helmet makes you very visible to motorists with their headlights on.


    Sizes Available:
    • Size S: Head size: 51-55cm / Weight: 275g
    • Size M: Head size: 52-58cm / Weight: 295g
    • Size L: Head Size: 58-62cm / Weight: 325g

    Box Dim.: 33 x 23 x 20cm

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