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Holiday Kick Scooter Rental in Singapore


Rent a kick scooter and enjoy a free-and-easy holiday in Singapore. Singapore is a compact and highly urbanized island state. It is one of the cities in the world where you can ride everywhere with a kick scooter. The state encourages a car-light commuting lifestyle for inhabitants of the city. To facilitate active mobility, Singapore has made public infrastructure like pedestrian pavements and sidewalks extremely friendly to wheeled vehicles. These include bicycles, kick scooters, electric scooters, wheelchairs and mobility-assistance devices for the elderly or people with disabilities.

Sidewalks and pedestrian pavements are very well maintained and there are ramps at every traffic crossing. This makes it possible to ride a kick scooter virtually everywhere on the island, especially in the city centre, the shopping belt and key tourist attractions. It is inexpensive to hire a manual scooter.

Coupled with an efficient subway train network with conveniently located exits and a well-developed public bus network, it is possible to reach all destinations easily when the first and last mile between the hotel and the destination is covered with a kick scooter.

Kick scooters can be easily folded and carried onto public buses, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) subway trains, or stowed in the boot of taxis or Uber rides.

Kick scooters are also allowed to be carried into shopping malls and most buildings as long as they are folded and carried in hand or slung across the shoulder.

With an inviting summer-like weather all year round, it is the perfect city to explore with a rental kick scooter. Tourists will find that they can cover more ground and explore farther with less fatigue on a kick scooter.

The physically active tourist can speed up the day and hop from attraction to attraction more quickly, making the most of the holiday. For the leisurely tourist, a kick scooter makes the sight-seeing more fun and less tiring than hiking around on-foot all day.

Kick scooters are also subject to much less scrutiny than electric scooters, which is a very popular way of getting around in Singapore. The Singaporean authorities have explicit and strict rules over where and how electric scooters can be used. Riders who break these rules can get into trouble with the law or have their electric scooters confiscated. 

The kick scooters used for rental are models which are of high quality, comfortable to ride, easy to fold/unfold and portable enough to be carried around easily. The kick scooter is suitable for children from 7 years old to adults.

Kick scooter rentals fees are reasonable and delivery of the kick scooters to your hotel is free (only for accommodations with a concierge or front desk). 

Complimentary delivery service to your hotel

For your convenience, we will deliver the rental scooters to your hotel so they are ready for use when you check-in. This service is only available for accommodations with a concierge. We will pick them up from the hotel after the rental period. 

Free Cancellation

Holiday plans can change, we understand that. You can cancel the rental by sending an email by noon the day before the start date of your rental with no penalties. For example, if your rental start date is Monday, cancel by 12 pm on Sunday, and we will process a full refund for you. After this point, there will be no cancellation.

Rental fee

For each scooter:

  • 1 Day: SGD50
  • 2 Days: SGD60
  • 3 Days: SGD80
  • 4 Days: SGD100
  • Refundable deposit: SGD100
  • Rental Terms and Conditions apply.

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