HUDORA BigWheel Generation V 230

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HUDORA BigWheel Generation V 230 Kick Scooter

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The BigWheel Generation V 230 is the over-sized version of German maker HUDORA’s latest kick scooter model. It is designed completely anew from scratch. This new kick scooter model demonstrates Hudora’s ability to keep making its scooters better with innovative and original improvements.

The BigWheel Generation V introduces a new way to fold a two wheel scooter. A single-action hand-operated sleeve on the steering column allows you to fold the scooter in one second without having to squat down and fiddle with any complicated mechanisms.

When it is folded down, the Generation V kick scooter also allows you to pull it along like a piece of luggage, so you never ever need to pick it up. This makes the scooter very convenient to move around.

The V-shaped steering column is a more durable design than the tradition T-shaped handlebar in conventional kick scooters. It gives the Generation V the “V” in its name, and offers a very solid and responsive feel. The rake angle and geometry of the steering column-fork assembly is more aggressive than in many other kick scooters, again, adding to ease of control and responsiveness.

A surprising bonus is the generous size of the standing deck. The Generation V offers a larger usable foot space than most of the kick scooters in the market. This allows for more comfortable riding because you can shift and change your foot placement to reduce fatigue as you ride.

All these features are cleverly engineered to result in a surprisingly low kerb weight of 5.5kg. You will be amazed by how light the scooter feels when you pick it up, given that it is a full-sized kick scooter.

The Hudora Generation V 230 is most suitable for long-range rides because of its excellent rolling efficiency. The combination of 230mm front and 205mm rear wheels is one of the largest in the market. Large wheels glide very well and absorb road vibrations better.

Heavy riders will also be happy to know this is one of the few kick scooters in the market for riders heavier than 100kg. It carries a rider of up to 120kg in weight.

A standard-sized variant, the Hudora Generation V 205 is also available. It is smaller and more portable.

Hudora Generation V kick scooter has a convenient trolley mode.


Stylish design with a unique V-shaped handlebar
Optimal directional stability thanks to the rake-angle of the fork
Easy and quick to fold with just one movement
Very smooth glide thanks to ABEC 7 ball bearings
Super comfortable & high speed with large 230mm and 205mm wheels
Carries a rider up to 120kg


User-friendly handlebar tube folding mechanism
Easy to fold from a standing position
Low riding deck
High quality aluminum frame
Extruded aluminum friction brake with extra long rear fender
Additional front fender
Height-adjustable handlebar from 98 to 103 cm
Handlebar with functional V-brace design
Two-tone comfortable handle grips secured with screws
Extra-large deck surface approx. 35 x 14 cm
Large Two-tone high rebound cast polyurethane 230mm / 215mm wheels
High grade ABEC 7 chrome bearings
Aluminum logo plate on headtube
Low-maintenance, semi-sealed Neco headset
Weight: approx 5.5 kg
Max. User weight 120 kg

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