Madd Gear Pro Kruzer 200

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Madd Gear Pro Kruzer 200 Height Adjustable Folding Scooter

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madd gear pro kruzer 200 foldable kick scooter in black
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From the world renowned freestyle kick scooter maker Madd Gear Pro (MGP) comes their first leisure kick scooter, the Kruzer.

This is a simple but functional full-sized kick scooter that can be used by both children from 8 years to adult. It sports a full sized 200mm wheel, an easily foldable design and comes in two colours.


Durable steel body frame

Unlike most kick scooters in the market which are mostly aluminum, the Kruzer is made of steel. This offers a solid, durable ride that will last for years.

HIC Compression

Hidden Internal Compression (HIC) is a very solid compression method usually used on high end freestyle scooters. The benefit of this system is that the headset bearings are very securely tightened without being overly compressed. Standard headsets on other bearings can either come loose, or become too tight.

Easy Single-action folding mechanism

One of the easiest folding mechanisms around. Just press down on the button and fold or unfold

Single-piece welded "Tbar" handlebar

A classic construction that is functional and durable. The Tbar is both solid and gives the scooter a timeless look.

Kick stand installed

The Kruzer is fitted with a replaceable kick stand. It just works.


    • maximum rider weight: 100kg
    • unfolded dimension: 89H x 89L x 15W cm
    • wheels: 200mm polyurethane
    • rear fender brake
    • 1 year local limited warranty
    • kick stand: installed
    • weight: 5.9kg
    • box dimensions: 75 x 35 x 13 cm
    • scooter dimensions (unfolded): 93 x 90.5 x 36 cm


    our kick scooter specialist opinion
    One of the best new kick scooter models to enter the market recently. The Australian maker Madd Gear Pro (MGP) is best known for its championship winning freestyle scooters. The Kruzer is its first known non-pro model of kick scooter for leisure. And MGP has clearly brought its deep experience in freestyle stunt scooters to bear. There are a number of key features on the Kruzer which we sets it apart from other adult kick scooters in the market.
    The biggest feature is is one that will be overlooked by most buyers because it is not visible to the untrained eye: the full-steel construction. Most kick scooters in the market are made of aluminum to keep them light. Kick scooter makers are generally reluctant to make steel frames and steering columns because it is will result in a very heavy scooter. But MGP has done an excellent job. The steel deck is understated in design with a deep drop which keeps the deck low-riding for comfort in pushing. And the tapered steering column is beautifully slim, with a diameter of only 28mm (the standard is about 32mm). 4mm does not sound like a lot but it gives the scooter a very slim and smart profile. The telescopic section which slides to adjust the height is also well fitted because the steel parts fit closely together. This part is a weak point on aluminum scooters because the gaps are larger and the material being softer than steel, bends more. This results in a lot of play in the telescopic section and speeds up wear and tear from repeated extension and retraction. This won't be a problem for the Kruzer. At 5.9 kg, the Kruzer is heavier than most other kick scooters of the same size and specs. But it will more than make up for it in durability and ruggedness.
    The most striking feature of the Kruzer is the hidden internal compression (HIC) used to fasten the fork to the headtube. A freestyle scooter rider will spot this right away. This is very rare in kick scooters. HIC compresses the headset bearing securely without over-tightening it. This means that the steering feel will be consistently buttery smooth for years. You are steering the scooter every second you ride it, so this makes a huge difference to the ride-ability of the scooter. We also love the very robust headset bearing cup which looks suspiciously similar to those used for integrated bearings, which again, is only found on high end bicycles and freestyle scooters.
    Finally, the innovative single-press folding mechanism is surprisingly simple and convenient to use. At the same time, there is delightfully little play in the Kruzer's unfolded position. The single-action folding mechanism on many other scooters sacrifices tightness for convenience, but not on the Kruzer. We expect this folding system to be very popular with even the most casual of riders.
    A bonus is the very tastefully designed box which will be sure to delight any kid if this scooter is given as a present.
    The only thing which gave us a frown is the foam grips which seems a little too casual. But then grips can be easily changed in any bicycle shop.
    The Kruzer is a very viable choice for adults and youths for leisure and general riding. Riders who plan to use the scooter for multi-mode commute (i.e. to fold and carry on bus or train) may find the Kruzer unnecessarily heavy. But the Kruzer will satisfy in most other usage scenarios. Overall the Madd Gear Pro Kruzer is an impressive and handsome scooter. At a super economical retail price of only SGD98, the Madd Gear Pro Kruzer kick scooter offers unbeatable value for the quality. 

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