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woman riding micro metropolitan deluxe kick scooter

 This model was previously known as the Micro Urban. The Micro Metropolitan Deluxe is an improved version of the iconic Micro Black, which is Micro's flagship model and its most recognisable adult-sized two wheel scooter.

Micro has added three features to the Micro Black to create what is probably the most well-rounded model ever:

  • front shock absorbers
  • bicycle style full-width handlebars
  • bicycle style handbrakes
Micro Metropolitan Deluxe Black scooter


These features make the Micro Metropolitan Deluxe suitable for most riding scenarios. You can use it for the leisure ride with kids, or for your daily commute. All these add to the features that are already well-loved on the original Micro Black. The Micro Black is loved for its low deck-to-ground height, and relatively compact size and light weight.

The handbrake, LED front lights and shock absorbers add some weight to the scooter but at 5.85kg it is considered a reasonable weight for all these features.


close up of handlebar with handbrakes, micro metropolitan kick scooter

Bicycle style handlebar with handbrakes

This is the key stand-out feature on the Micro Metropolitan. The single-piece 'chopper' style handlebar makes a huge difference in ergonomics. It adds about  5 inches to the height of the handlebar, making it the tallest in kick scooters. This added height allows for a natural upright riding poster, and widens the grip positions. This allows your shoulder blades to maintain a relaxed position, taking away fatigue from long rides. Did we also say it looks good? While the handlebar is ergonomically improved, it is still narrower than a standard bicycle handle, so it still weaves between pedestrians with ease.

The handbrakes add safety and practicality to the scooter.

Front Shock Absorber

closeup of front shock absorber, micro metropolitan deluxe kick scooter for adults

The patented front fork mounted shock absorbers dampen vibrations from the front wheel. This adds quality to the ride of the Micro White/Micro Black frame which is already good to start with. This makes the Micro Urban excellent ride quality without adding unnecessary bulk and weight from standard headtube mounted shock absorbers.

Front mounted tube light

The removable tube light has an array of powerful LED lights. You can use it in  flashing or steady mode. They are powered by removable batteries.

Super low deck

close up of low deck on Micro Urban kick scooter

This is a feature already on the original Micro Black / Micro White, but is an important feature so we must mention it. This low ground clearance makes the Micro Urban incredibly easy to push.


  • Suitable for: Adults
  • Weight: 5.86 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Handle Bar: Height adjustable 79-105 cm
  • Wheels: 200mm high rebound polyurethane 80A hardness
  • Usable deck size: 33 x 12 cm
  • Max. rider. load: 100 kg
  • Fender: installed
  • Kickstand: Installed