Scooter Bundle - Family

$299.00 SGD $456.00 SGD

Enjoy the parks together with your child. Save 28% when you buy a Glideco Cruiser230 adult scooter together with a Zycom Cruz kid's three-wheel scooter.

family bundle kick scooter zycom zing glideco cruiser230

The Glideco Cruiser230 is available in Grey, Blue, Red and Turquoise.

The Zycom Cruz is available in Pink-Blue, Blue and Red.

We will contact you about your choice of colours after you place your order.

GlideCo Cruiser230

Glideco Cruiser230 kick scooter singapore rider

The Glideco Cruiser230 is perfect for a relaxing pleasure cruise through the parks. Large 230mm front wheels and front shock absorption offer long, smooth glides with every push. The spacious, low-riding deck is comfortable to stand on and easy to push without bending your knees too much.

Folding the scooter just takes just one second, and it is light enough to sling on your shoulder for the train or bus ride. Available in 4 beautiful matte anodised metallic colours.

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Zycom Zinger

zycom zinger 3 wheel kick scooter

The Zycom Zinger is an 3-wheel kick scooter for kids from 5 to 14 years old. Designed to develop lateral balance on the move, this is an effective scooter to get them ready for a 2-wheeled kick scooter or bicycle.

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