G│Bomb Super Fork Bracket Assembly

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This drop-through front bracket allows effective pumping while providing a low deck height for effective pushing. Perfect for longboarders who want to both push and pump. Best when used together with the G|Bomb 35mm Deep Drop Regular "DD-R" or Deep Drop Stubby "DD-S" brackets.

G|Bomb or "Gbomb" is a company in Michigan, United States which makes specialised components for long distance longboarding or long distance pumping (LDP). G|Bomb's patented products are used by many of the world's top long distance skateboarders.

G|Bomb brackets attach trucks to truncated longboard decks. This allows for lower deck heights, as well as adjustable truck angles.


  • provides 35mm of drop from the top of the truck to the surface of the deck.
  • provides 15 degrees of wedging to improve pumping effect
  • designed to be used with a pump-optimised truck like the Bennett 5.0 style truck or DontTrip Poppy.

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