Micro White & Black Deluxe

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Micro White Deluxe and Micro Black Deluxe with "Interlock" cable lock and Vibram deck tape

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Just when we thought there's no way Swiss maker Micro can make its flagship kick scooter the Micro White & Black even better...boom! They do it.

The Micro White & Black kick scooter has been the core adult model for many years and sets the standard for high-quality kick scooters. In 2016, Micro added a built-in cable lock ("Interlock") into the steering column, making the Micro White & Black the first kick scooter with an integrated lock.

The latest iteration of this iconic model sports two new interesting improvements.

The first improvement, which is another new innovation in kick scooters, is the addition of a shock-absorbing outsole on the top of the deck. The Micro White & Black Deluxe has a deck laid with high-end grip tape made by Italian sole maker Vibram. This layer adds both micro-shock dampenings as well as traction, making the scooter comfortable to ride even if you were literally barefoot.

The second improvement is the re-design of the front fork to include two discreet and integrated coil springs which absorb large road shocks. These springs, coupled with the already high-quality polyurethane front wheel, greatly reduces both micro-vibrations (from rough surfaces like old asphalt) and physically bumpy surfaces.

Besides the legacy refinements found on the standard Micro White & Black, the Micro Black & White Deluxe has these additional features:


"Interlock" Integrated cable lock system

micro white and black deluxe scooter interlock cable lock
This cleverly designed cable combination lock tucks away into the steering column. It gives you the option of locking the scooter when you are in the store and saves you the trouble (and cost) of buying and carrying a separate lock.

Patented Front-wheel Suspension

micro white and black scooter front wheel suspension patented

Integrated coil-spring shock absorbers dampen shocks from bumpy road surfaces for a smoother ride.

Vibram deck grip tape

micro white and black deluxe kick scooter vibram grip tape close up

An industry first. It's like putting on a pair of shoes on top of your deck, adding both traction and comfort. It looks really good too.


  • Age range: kids from 7 years to adults
  • Dimension: folded 73x12x33 cm
  • Weight: 4.7 kg
  • Wheels: 200 mm high rebound PU 83A Hardness
  • Suspension: double coil spring on front fork
  • Deck 12 cm x 33 cm Aluminium
  • Handlebar: adjustable from 72 - 103 cm
  • Max. load 100 kg
  • Fender: front & rear installed
  • Kickstand: installed
  • Strap holder: installed



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