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4th generation xootr scooter with quickclick latch

Xootr MG kick scooter available in singapore

xootr cruz kick scooter available in singapore

Consistently rated as one of the best, if not the best kick scooter in the world, Xootr kick scooters continue to lead the industry in build quality and design.

Made in the USA, these scooters are industrial-designed and built with utmost care in the choice of material and with performance in mind.

Unmatched Glide

The main feature of Xootr kick scooters are the ultra-efficienty wheels. Xootrs are mounted with 180mm diameter wheels which are smaller than those on standard kick scooters for adults. But they out perform other scooters on any given day. This is because the wheels are made with aluminum hubs fused onto polyurethane threads. Unlike wheels with plastic hubs, there is little loss of energy because of material compression.

Besides the energy efficient wheels, Xootr scooters use R8ZZ bearings that are much larger and more durable than 608 bearings used in standard kick scooters. These combine to give Xootr scooters unmatched glide efficiency. You will glide a longer distance than any other kick scooter with a single push.

Xootr wheels are often used in various light vehicle races for their performance.

Above: Xootr wheels are used on soapbox derby race vehicles for their speed and efficiency. Image: Xootr

Super Comfortable

When you ride a Xootr, your feet are barely three inches above the ground. The very low ground clearance allows for very easy and efficient pushing. The leg that stands on the deck can remain straight without bending when the other leg is pushing. This means there is no lactic burn in your hamstring because there is no need to tense the thigh muscle to maintain bent-knee posture. This makes the Xootr extremely comfortable to ride. The pushing feet can easily push off against the ground just by pointing your toes down in a tiptoe. This posture allows you to use rotate your entire leg at the hip and brush the ground with sole of your feet in a natural arc. The motion is gentle, efficient, and comfortable. It is similar to the kind of movement used by long-distance competition longboarders to skate for hundreds of miles.

Above: The Xootr deck is very close to the ground. Low ground clearance means you can push with just a tiptoe in a relaxed posture. Image: Xootr

Ultra Strong

The Xootr is the kick scooter with the highest ride load in the market. It can carry a rider of over 300kg, over 3 times the carrying capacity of other scooters in the market. While it is not common for people this heavy to ride a kick scooter, it says something about the strength and durability of Xootr scooters.

Most kick scooters in the market have decks made with extruded aluminum. Xootr scooters have bodies made with die-cast aluminum, which is more rigid and stronger. This is decked with decks made of die cast magnesium alloy, CNC aluminum cut from solid blocks or birch wood. One model comes with a plastic deck-top for weight savings.

This construction results in an extremely rigid body for a solid, flex-free ride.


Who needs a kick scooter that costs three to four times the price of other kick scooters? If you think this way, you are not the target customer of Xootr. Please move on, Thank You for reading this far down the page.

But if these scooters intrigue you, you are probably someone who is willing to pay the price in order for your expectation to be met or exceeded. You may be one of these people:

  • The Serious Daily Commuter
    you need a solid, no-nonsense workhouse that you can ride to work and then ride home for some years to come. You need the scooter to be reliable and perform without causing you any problems, day after day.

  • The Kick Scooter Connoisseur/Collector
    you already own a number of scooters and is always on the lookout for one worthy of carrying your weight. You know a good product when you see one and owning a well-crafted item gives you pleasure.

  • The Technical/Performance-Conscious Rider
    You ride for pleasure or exercise and have been disappointed by previous scooters. You are willing to put in a lot of effort to push the scooter and expects it to reward you with the speed and glide efficiency to match.

  • The Self-Respecting Celebrity/VIP
    A-list Hollywood celebrities and business luminaries are routinely spotted on Xootrs. If you can't be caught dead on a cheap-skate kick scooter, or want/need to signal your taste in products, a Xootr will send out that signal. 

You will be happy to learn that the current versions, called the 4th Generation, are equipped with a modern single-action folding lever called the QuickClick latch. Earlier versions use an old scooter pin which need to be removed and re-inserted each time you fold or unfold.

Choose well

Xootr has 5 models to match the tastes and needs of the discerning rider. All these models are based on the same body plan but with distinctly different decks that make all the difference.

Classic, timeless look: The Xootr Cruz

Probably the most beautiful Xootr model. A beautiful birch wood deck on an ultra-modern frame. 

Lightweight, portable and fast: Xootr Roma

Deliberately slim, light and super easy to push, great for the everyday rider.


The lightest: Xootr Dash

Like the Roma and even lighter with a plastic deck, very portable.

Solid and rigid: The Xootr Street

A solid CNC aluminum deck gives unmatched rigidity and power transfer to this model. Choose this model if you have to ride a kick scooter into combat.

High tech optimal ride: The Xootr MG

The lightweight die-cast magnesium alloy deck offers generous foot space without making the scooter an ounce heavier than necessary. This is probably the most popular Xootr model because of this perfect balance.

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