Terms and Conditions for Kick Scooter Rental

The customer hiring kick scooters ("Hirer") agrees to these rental Terms and Conditions set by Decks and Scooters, a brand of RocksugarCo Lifestyle LLP (the “Company”) for the rental of kick scooters (“Scooters”).

  1. Availability

    1. Rentals are subject to availability.
    2. Successful payment of the rental fee by the Hirer is not a guarantee of availability of rental scooter(s). If scooters are not available, the Company will inform the Hirer and effect a refund.
    3. The rental kick scooter model and colour may vary, subject to availability.

  2. Booking lead time

    1. The Hirer shall purchase the rental at least 3 business days prior to the starting rental date of the Scooter.
    2. The rental booking is only confirmed after the Company sends a confirmation email to the Hirer.

  3. Refundable Deposit

    1. The Hirer agrees to place a refundable deposit of SGD100 for each scooter hired.
    2. The deposit will be refunded to the Hirer’s credit card in full after the Scooter is returned timely by the Hirer to the Company, and if the Company deems the scooter to be in the original condition. The Hirer will allow 5 business days for the Company to do this.

  4. Damage or loss

    1. If the scooter is returned in a condition not deemed by the Company to be the original condition as delivered to the Hirer, the Company reserves the right to retain the deposit in part or full at its sole discretion, as repair or part replacement cost. 
    2. If the Scooter is lost, the company will retain the full amount of the deposit as compensation to replace the lost Scooter.

  5. Timely return

    1. The Company will deliver the Scooter(s) to the concierge of the Hirer’s hotel or accommodations on the day before the start date of the rental
    2. The Hirer agrees to return the Scooter to the concierge such that it is available for the Company to collect by midnight on the last day of the rental period.
    3. If the Company is unable to collect the Scooter(s) from the concierge on the day after the end of the rental period, one-day rental (based on the single-day rental fee) will be deducted from the deposit. This deduction will take place until the Scooter is successfully collected by the Company, or the deposit is completed deducted.

  6. Indemnity & Release 

    1. The Hirer understands and accepts that riding a kick scooter has inherent risks, and may result in serious injury or death. The Hirer rides the Scooter at his / her own risk and agrees not to hold the Company liable for any injury, death, loss or damage to the Hirer’s property arising from the use or improper use of the Scooter.
    2. The Hirer undertakes that, if he/she deliberately or negligently cause a person or persons to suffer injury or death, or cause loss or damage to the property of any person, the Hirer shall indemnify the Company from the claims or actions taken against the Company by the suffering person(s).

    3. Wet Weather

      1. The Hirer understands that it is not safe to ride a kick scooter in wet conditions, and agrees not to ride the kick scooter when the ground is not completely dry.
      2. In the event of changes in weather conditions resulting in the scooter not being ridden, rental cannot be canceled and rental charges are not refundable.