Penny Skateboard 22 inch

$175.00 SGD

Penny 22 inch Cruiser Skateboard

girl riding penny 22 inch skateboard on country road

girl riding penny 22 inch skateboard in black


penny 22 inch skateboard beach scene The original Penny 22" Plastic Skateboards. The 22 inch Penny mini cruiser is the most popular size in Penny Australia's line up of retro skateboards.

It is still the one with the best quality among the glut of plastic skateboards in the market. Forget about getting a Penny wannabe. Just get the original.


  • Quite simply the best quality deck in the market. A perfect balance between stiffness and flex.
  • Excellent hardware and parts like bushings, wheels and bearing that give you ride smoothness that is hard to beat.
  • Style, colour and graphics that are updated year after year.


  • DECK: 22 inch with integrated waffle grip pattern on topside
  • BEARINGS: High-grade ABEC 7 stainless steel bearings & high tensile bolts
  • TRUCKS: 3 inch A-grade 356 cast-aluminum powder-coated
  • WHEELS: 59mm diameter 83A hardness polyurethane


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