ABUS Ultra Mini 410 U Lock

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abus ultra mini 410 bicycle lock

ABUS U-LockUltra Mini 410/150HB140 SH34 + Cobra 10/120

This small but solid "U Lock" offers very good protection against theft, and is suitable for high end bicycles.


The U-shaped bar shackle is made of 12mm thick hardened steel, it is very hard to saw or cut. The body of the lock is also made of hardened steel. The high quality locking cylinder is protected against lock-picking with a "double locking" mechanism.

An additional double-loop ended steel cable extends the reach of the shacke and offers you more options for securing your precious bicycle.

The Ultra Mini 410 has a sensibly shaped body for easy handling and the lock body is encased in a tough plastic housing, reducing chances of scratching your bicycle.


  • Mechanism Type: Key
  • Shackle Shape: Round, 12mm diameter
  • Shackle Height: 140 mm
  • Shackle Width Inner: 100mm
  • Keys: 2 included