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AEST A85 “Land Cruiser”

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Colour: Grey


Probably the most sturdy and stable kick scooter you will ever ride.
Super high rolling efficiency with double the number of wheel bearings.
Front shock absorbers for comfortable riding.
Patented low-rattle precision folding mechanism.
1-second easy folding

The AEST A85 “Land Cruiser” is probably the most sturdy and stable kick scooter you will ever experience. Period.

With the patented double-cam structure in the folding joint, AEST has achieved what few other scooter makers are capable of: a foldable scooter with practically no looseness in the folding joint. This is the best of both worlds, giving the rider portability without sacrificing sturdiness.

Another distinguishing feature is the doubling of load-bearing ball bearings in both wheels. The A85 has four bearings in each wheel. This is unheard of in the scooter market. This design halves the load on the bearings and drastically improves the rolling efficiency. Couple this with high-grade ABEC 9 bearings and you get unprecedented glide efficiency.

The overall structure is designed with stability and strength in mind. This makes sense because the A85 is designed with the European market in mind. The model is intended for the tall and heavy body sizes that are common in that part of the world.

The deck or foot-board of the scooter is generously wide. It is also deeply dropped. This means it is very closed to the ground, making it very effortless to push because you don't need to bend the knee of your standing leg to push, reducing muscle fatigue in the thighs. This design makes riding the scooter feel very safe and stable.

Some riders may find the 6.3kg weight of the scooter heavy. This weight is translated into stability, especially at high speeds. It is common knowledge that the weight and ride quality of vehicles are correlated. Just think about well-known European car brands. The mass also can be experienced as momentum when riding. That means once you get the scooter up to speed, there is excellent persistence of motion for a very pleasurable glide. The weight is a perfect marriage with the high-grade, double-quantity bearings.

We nickname this model the “Land Cruiser” to highlight the excellent stability and ride quality it offers. It is excellent for a long, leisurely cruise in the parks.

customer feedback for aest a85 kick scooter

the aest a85 kick scooter has very tall handlebars

the aest a85 kick scooter has collapsible handlebars that are very sturdy and wide

close up of folding lever on the AEST A85 kicks cooter
close up of folding joint of AEST A85 kick scooter showing double cam design
closeup of front wheel on AEST A85 kick scooter showing shock absorbers
\closeup of rear wheel of AEST A85 kick scooter showing brake fender


Recommended for ages 7 to Adult
Weight: 6.3kg
Max load:100kg
Grip:TPR rubber
Handlebar:AL6061- T6 Aluminum, 520mm wide, collapsible
Clamp: CNC AL6061-T6 Aluminum two-bolt
Headset:1 1/8" Headset: semi-internal headset
Fork:punch SPHC-PO,4 bearings suspension fork
Deck material: AL6061-T6 Aluminum
Dimensions: 120W x 560L mm
Usable Foot Space: 340mm
Wheel: 200mm high rebound PU
Bearings: ABEC-9 bearings
Brake: Rear fender friction brake
Front mudguard: installed
Safety Certification: EN14619