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BESREY Turbo Plus Kick Scooter with Shock Absorber, Handbrake and Trolley Mode

by Besrey
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The BESREY Turbo Plus is a kick scooter that has everything you can ask for in a kick scooter. It has a long and wide standing deck, shock absorber, bicycle-style handbrake and a very convenient pull-along luggage "trolley" mode. This scooter is great for long leisure rides, daily point-to-point commute or last-mile commute on a train.

Best of all, this German scooter is not sold at a premium brand price because it is not as well known as the other very heavily marketed European brands. Excellent value for this quality and performance. We expect this model to be very popular.

Read our full-length review and analysis of the design features of this scooter at the end of this page.


  • Bicycle-style handbrakes for easy braking
  • One of the longest and widest foot-decks in the market for comfort
  • Rear-mounted shock absorber
  • Portable pull-along luggage style "trolley mode"
  • Quick and easy single-action folding and unfolding
  • Very tall handlebars for comfortable upright riding


  • long range leisure riding
  • mid to long range point-to-point commute
  • last-mile commute by train/subway


Handlebar height (from ground): 90 to 108 cm infinitely adjustable

Handlbar wdith: 38 cm (15 inches)

Handlegrip Compression: Quick-release

Deck Height (feet to ground): approx. 11cm

Deck usuable foot space: 38 x 13.5 cm

Deck size: 53.5 x 14.5 cm

Brake: Dual brake; Bicycle-type handbrake to rear disc brake and rear step-fender friction brake

Wheel: 200mm PU

Bearing: ABEC 9 precision bearings 

Shock Absorber: Rear-mounted

Folding: Single-action step-to-fold; single-action unfold

Trolley mode: Pull-along luggage style trolley mode

Model: BR-T8026 

Ground Clearance (undercarriage to ground):  approx. 7.5cm

Weight: 6.7 Kg

Folded dim. : 14.5 x 32 x 92 cm

Max. load: 100kg 

Box Dim. (Cm): 100 x 37 x 17


German vehicle design sensibility is obvious in the Besrey Gen2. It is engineered to feel solid and deliver performance. The full-sized scooter feels very stable, safe and comfortable. The long deck coupled with one of the tallest steering columns in the market lets you ride with a relaxed upright posture that stays comfortable for hours of riding.

For braking performance, the disc brake is rare in kick scooters. Most kick scooters with a handbrake apply friction to the rear wheel directly. The disc brake is usually only found on mid-range to high-end bicycles, nevermind scooters. They offer much more stopping power than standard friction brakes. This gives riders the confidence to push harder and go faster.

Rear-mounted shock absorbers (the hidden hero)

The laterally mounted shock absorber on the BESREY Turbo Plus is connected with the rear wheel instead of the front wheel. This design choice is no accident. On most kick scooters with shock absorbers, they are mounted on the front wheel. Front-mounted absorbers dampen vibrations felt by mostly the hand. But they do nothing to dampen shocks on the tail end of the scooter where the heel of your weight-bearing foot tends to be. Vibrations at the tail end can be felt right up the rider's spine. So technically, rear shock absorbers are more beneficial than front shock absorbers even though they are less obvious for visually marketing the features.

The shock absorber on the BESREY Turbo Plus  is tuned for a European body size and weight. For smaller or lighter riders, the shock absorber may feel tight. i.e. it may feel insufficiently dampened. Fortunately, the tension is adjustable. Lighter riders can increase the dampening by loosening (i.e. lengthening) a spring on the shock absorber assembly.

The very Compact handlebar (and the reason behind it)

A number of riders have commented on the narrow handlebars. It's true that the handlebars on the Besrey are narrower than those on other similar sized scooters. At 15 inches, it is the same width as those found on scooters for kids. Adult kick scooters tend to have handlebar widths from 16 to 21 inches wide. We believe this is another design decision taken on the rider's behalf that may or may not be understood easily by the casual rider. The narrow handlebar makes the steering more responsive, counteracting the long body of the scooter. Had the handlebar been a usual full width one, steering will feel delayed or unresponsive.

Non-premium price tag (and why we think it is so)

The most surprising thing about the BESREY Turbo Plus  is the price tag. Even though BESREY is a German brand, it is not a high profile one like other heavily marketed European scooter brands. It is marketed directly from the manufacturer to general sports stores and is also directly available to buyers on Amazon. (Even though it is not in stock on Amazon at the time of writing). Because of this, the BESREY Turbo Plus price feels more like a sport hypermart price than a premium brand price. Excellent value for European quality and performance.

The final word

The BESREY Turbo Plus  offers very compelling value. It comes with all the most requested features on a kick scooter at a very comfortable price. The only negative feedback we have received about this scooter is the weight. At 6.7kg the scooter is on the higher end of the weight spectrum for kick scooters. But it is justified considering all the important features (large deck, suspension and handbrake). Many scooters in the market are heavy even without these many features. Also, with the trolley mode, the weight issue is effectively mitigated. The only time you will ever need to pick this scooter up is to put it in a car boot or to carry it across an overhead bridge. The rest of the time, you can simply pull it behind you like luggage.