Churchill 23 inch “Penny Killer” Mini cruiser

$149.00 SGD

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This mini cruiser with a made-in-USA 7-ply canadian maple dec out-specs and out-performs any given factory mass-produced plastic mini cruiser. Behold the Churchill Penny Killer. Believe it or not, it even out-prices some of them.

See what these sites say about the Churchill Penny Killer:

  • This is not your plastic mould stuff …..this is a craftsman standing at a machine and cutting this baby out from a piece of wood and creating a little monster.”
  • …highly recommended…”



  • 23 x 6 inch 7-Ply Canadian maple made in USA deck with 3/16 inch concave and functional kicktail
  • Churchill ABEC 7 bearings
  • Atobe 59mm 78A Cruiser wheels
  • Churchill standard raw polished 3″ trucks
  • 1-1/4 inch riser pad

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