Dont-Trip Rear Poppy Longboard Truck with 20 Degree Base

$260.00 SGD

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The Poppy is most well known for its performance in long distance skateboarding and long distance pumping (LDP). They are used by many of the top long distance skaters in the world.

The Poppy is has a spherical bearing in the hangar. This offers smooth, precise and consistent truck movement.

This truck is best used for as the rear truck. For a natural and surfy feel, maintain the 20 degree angle. For more efficient pumps, it is common to dewedge the rear Poppy to zero degrees using wedged risers (top mounted) or adjustable rear brackets.

These are made-in-USA, high precision CNC machine precision trucks made from aircraft grade aluminum.


Hanger Axel width:

Available in 2 widths

    • 125mm: 125-131-137-143mm Adjustable
      Suitable for brackets
    • 152mm: 152-158-164-170mm Adjustable
      Suitable for top mount decks or drop throughs with cutaways.

Material: CNC Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum


  • RipTide APS Bushings
  • Riptide APS Pivot Tubes
  • Spherical bearing in Hanger

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