G|Bomb 28 Inch Freewill Platform

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The Freewill deck is G|Bomb's most popular and versatile deck for mounting G|Bomb brackets. It is suitable for virtually all bracket combinations and riding styles.

G|Bomb or "Gbomb" is a company in Michigan, United States which makes specialised components for long distance longboarding or long distance pumping (LDP). G|Bomb's patented products are used by many of the world's top long distance skateboarders.


  • length: 28 inches
  • weight: 1.65Kg
  • 9 ply maple of varying thickness to maximise strength-to-weight ratio
  • width: 9.5 inches
  • includes Jessup grip tape installed and GBomb logo on topside
  • 2 options for deck base finish

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