G|Bomb Pump Bracket

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The G|Bomb Pump front bracket optimises pumping efficiency for truncated decks. It can be mounted with any standard longboard truck. The Pump Bracket is best when paired with the Gbomb Standard Drop Bracket ("DD-R") in the rear. This strong, light, aluminum alloy bracket tucks the truck in tight to the front of the deck. The result is optimized geometry for pumping leverage and wheel clearance.

G|Bomb or "Gbomb" is a company in Michigan, United States which makes specialised components for long distance longboarding or long distance pumping (LDP). G|Bomb's patented products are used by many of the world's top long distance skateboarders.

G|Bomb brackets attach trucks to truncated longboard decks. This allows for lower deck heights, as well as adjustable truck angles.

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