G|Bomb Torsion Tail Longboard Rear Brackets

$240.00 SGD

G|Bomb Torsion Tail

After years of prototyping and thousands of miles of trials by test riders, G|Bomb officially launched the Torsion Tail in April 2017.

These are rear brackets designed specifically for long distance skating, often called Long Distance Pumping or LDP. The G|Bomb Torsion Tail has been a common sight at international long distance skating races for years. Prior to the official launch, prototypes have been made available to various prominent longboarders around the world for trials and testing.

The brackets allow wheels to be mounted without a truck, and at zero degrees with no lateral roll. This confers torsional flex into your long-distance-pumping (LDP) board, giving it an additional spring to return to the neutral position. Besides being lighter than a standard bracket plus truck setup, they add inches of trailing length which makes pumping more efficient, and keeps your deck close to the ground for comfortable pushing.

Best for push-pump or full-push LDP setups. It pairs very well with the G|BOMB Deep Drop brackets as a front bracket, or the G|BOMB Super Duper pump fork.

Available in areospace aluminium "TT-A" or steel "TT-S" versions. The aluminium absorbs more vibrations and is lighter, while the steel version is stiffer and more responsive. Skaters can choose based on their weight and riding style.

Bracket includes 1 pair of G|bomb Infinity Minor bolts.

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