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woman cyclist wearing Giro Cormick Helmet in the city

The Giro Cormick is one of the most popular commuting and city helmets in the market. We love the understated design, which looks at home in the heart of any city. At the same time, the practical design means the Cormick is never out of place. It looks comfortable in any setting, on the mountain trail or on the road. The baseball cap style visor is a nice touch.

The Cormick has an all-round design, with deep coverage of the head on all sides. It has a surprisingly high number of vents, 18 for a commuting helmet, making it comfortable to wear even in the heat of summer while waiting at a stop light. The helmet is made with a durable polycarbonate outer shell (Giro calls it a "Full Hardbody Shell") fused to protective EPA foam. This helmet will last for years.

It has only one size: the "UA" or adult unisex size which fits head circumferences from 54-61cm. A great fit can be achieved with the adjustment dial at the back of the helmet.

Giro Cormick commuting helmet in Hi Yellow, quarter view
giro cormick helmet, matte black, side view

The Cormick helmet is certified to CPSC Bicycle standard, and is listed as a bicycle helmet. However it is popular with longboard riders, kick scooter riders and inline-skaters because of the urban look.

Best of all, the Cormick is priced lower than similar commuting helmets, which makes it a very viable choice.

Available in three colours: Hi Yellow (glossy) for the safety conscious, and Matte Grey (very dark grey) and Matte Black for the riders who want an understated look.


Box Dim.: 30 x 24 x 19cm

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