Glideco CityZipper145

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Glideco CityZipper145 Kick Scooter

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teenage girl holding Glideco CityZipper145mm two wheel kick scooter in hand

The Glideco CityZipper145 two wheel kick scooter is punches well above its weight. It is deliberately compact and portable, making it easy to carry around. At a feather-weight 2.6kg, you can literally pick it up with two fingers. At the same time, it comes with medium sized 145mm diameter wheels, much larger than other scooters of this size. These wheels make the CityZipper145 much faster than similar scooters. People who drive will know that cars that are small and fast are fun to drive. The same goes for the CityZipper145. It is fast, light and easy to handle.

The box of the CityZipper145 indicates it is suitable for ages 8 and older. But kids from as young as 5 years with a good sense of balance can handle it. The handlebar height extends to 90cm which allows an adult up to 1.70m in height to ride it comfortably.

The Glideco CityZipper145 is perfect as a first two-wheel kick scooter for children moving on from 3 wheel scooters, or for youths and teenagers. Adults can also use it for multi-mode commute because this scooter is so easy to carry on and off the bus or train.


Handle grips: Collapsible
Folding mechanism: 2-action spring-loaded with compression
Bearings: ABEC7
Wheels: 145mm High rebound PU
Handle grips: Soft Foam
Handlebar height: Extendable from 68 - 90cm
Weight: 2.6kg
Max. Load: 100kg
Box Dim.: 70 x 24 x 11cm

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