Glideco Grandtourer

$159.00 SGD

Glideco GrandTourer Kick Scooter with 230mm Wheel and Front suspension

glideco grandtourer kick scooter in white

The Glideco GrandTourer is an updated version of one of our most popular kick scooters launched in 2015. This new version sports an oversized 230mm front wheel which offers excellent glide efficiency. It also comes with a fork mounted front shock absorber which dampens road vibrations. As the mode name suggests, this model is designed for a leisurely cruise in a park or long-range riding.

As always Glideco improves its scooters based on customer feedback. The GrandTourer is now made more compact. The overall body length is one inch shorter than before and the deck has been cleverly made narrower without losing significant foot space. This makes the kick scooter lighter and more portable without losing any glide efficiency and comfort.

close up of oversized front wheel on the glideco grandtourer kick scooter
close up of front suspension and folding mechanism, glideco grandtourer kick scooter
closeup of handle grips showing compression clamp

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