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Glideco Recon

by Glideco
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Original price $159.00 SGD
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Current price $129.00 SGD
Colour: Black


  • Dual suspension: Offers maximum comfort from bumpy road surfaces.
  • Bicycle style handbrake: Easy and stress-free braking.
  • Disc brake: More reliable and higher braking power than standard friction-brake.
  • Patented folding mechanism: Allows quick folding in about 3 seconds.

Glideco Recon Kick Scooter with Handbrakes and Dual Suspension

The Glideco Recon has the scooter market’s most popular configuration: dual suspension with dual brake. This is a well-rounded kick scooter on which you can confidently explore the urban landscape.

The Recon has both the default rear friction brake found on all scooters, and a bicycle-style handbrake. The handbrake allows for a more relaxing riding because you don’t have to move your feet to brake, and you can keep both feet on the footboard during braking. In addition, the rear brake is implemented with a bicycle-style disc brake instead of the conventional friction pad. Disc brakes are generally more reliable and have greater stopping power than friction brakes.

The front head-tube mounted suspension and the rear fork-mounted suspension work together to offer maximum shock absorption on a kick scooter. They heavily dampen the major vibrations on uneven road surfaces, allowing you to overcome stretches of bumpy pavement. The suspension system allows you to maintain a relatively higher cruising speed over bumpy surfaces on which other kick scooters have to slow down. The rear suspension can also be easily calibrated with a spanner to stiffen or soften the spring tension to cater to riders of different body weights.

Suitable for...

The Glideco Recon is best for riders who like to ride hard and explore unfamiliar areas in which pavement conditions may be uncertain. It is also appreciated by bicycle riders who are more familiar with a bicycle-style handbrake. The Glideco Recon has an entry-level retail price, offering excellent value for first-time kick scooter buyers who want a general-purpose kick scooter. 


  • Body material: Aluminum
  • Wheels: 200 x 30 mm high rebound polyurethane
  • Bearings: ABEC 7
  • Shock absorbers: Front headtube and rear fork mounted
  • Weight: 5.7Kg
  • Max. Load: 100Kg
  • Handlebar: Extendable, up to 106cm from the ground
  • Handle grips: collapsible
  • Kick stand: Installed
  • Mud guards: Installed on front and rear

Delivered in plain-looking but environmentally friendly brown boxes.

We have asked the manufacturer to package the Glideco Recon in sturdy all-journey carton boxes. Most consumer products are packaged in attractive but fragile gift boxes which themselves need to be put in outer "master cartons". Every day, millions of outer cartons are thrown away. We want to avoid this. So the Recon is packaged in a single brown box all the way from the factory to you, without the need for additional packaging. If you live for beautiful packaging, this product is not for you.