Globber ONE NL 205-180 DUO

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Globber ONE NL 205-180 DUO Kick Scooter with Trolley Mode Suitable for the Daily Commute

Once in a while, there comes a kick scooter with a subtle improvement that makes a huge difference. This tells us the product designers understand the needs of the rider. The Globber ONE NL 205-180 DUO is one such kick scooter.

It is probably the only kick scooter in the market with a 205-180 mm wheel combination. The reduction of 2cm in diameter in the rear wheel may not seem like a big deal at first. But it shaves significant weight off the scooter, and reduces the overall length and thus bulk of the scooter.

This makes the DUO an excellent companion for the everyday commute. The smaller rear wheel gives up a negligible amount of glide but gains portability that the rider will appreciate.

This scooter weighs in at 5 Kg. Not the lightest for scooters of this size but very respectable given the advanced features like easy-folding, trolley mode and a relatively wide deck.

Add this to the convenient trolley mode, and easy folding mechanism, we expect this model to quickly become a favourite for the daily rider.

wide handlebars on the globber one NL 205-180 duo


The daily commuter


Convenient trolley mode when folded.

Patented easy one-second folding with lever near top of steering column.

Lighter than many similar sized kick scooters.

Wide & comfortable shoulder-width collapsible handle grips.

Comfortable wide deck (13cm)

Relatively light weight at 5 Kg.


Max. Load: 100 Kg

Weight: 5 Kg

Suitable rider body heights: 1.5 - 2.0 m

Handlebar: Extendable from 101 to 110 cm

Wheels: 205mm front x 180mm rear PU

Bearings: ABEC 7

Box. Dim: 94 x 37 x 15 cm

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