KRF Premier City 230/180mm Adult Big Wheel Kick Scooter Red/Black

$176.00 SGD

From Madrid Spain comes these beautifully designed scooters of exceptional build quality.

KRF scooters feature aesthetic lines and vibrant graphics. They are very slim and light yet surprisingly high in performance. A perfect combination of form and function.

The KRF Premier City 230/180 has one of the largest front wheels in the adult big wheel kick scooter market at 230mm. This allows for allows effortless glide and smooth roll over bumps and rough surfaces.

This is a great alternative to the following scooter models:
Micro Black, Micro White, Oxelo Town 3, Razor A5 Lux



  • Body: 100% Aluminum
  • Folding: Easy folding with single button press
  • Max. load: 100Kg
  • Weight: 4.8Kg
  • Wheels: 230mm & 180mm PU casting-inner nylon
  • Bearings: Abec-7 Chromium
  • Brake: Aluminium
  • Bar Height: 82.5 to 105cm
  • Deck: 57×115 cm

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