Micro Flex Classic 145mm

$290.00 SGD

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Micro Flex "Classic" 145mm kick scooter

Kick scooters from Micro always have something innovative and special. The Micro Flex "classic" is a collection of medium sized kick scooters featuring a distinctive skateboard style wooden deck that adds shock absorption to the scooter. The flexible deck effectively reduces noise, vibration, and harshness in the ride. The Micro Flex "classic" has the same durable and compact body plan as the Micro Sprite, but comes with medium-sized 145mm diameter wheels. The size makes this kick scooter an excellent choice for both children and adults alike.

This series is available in 3 colours: Sapphire Blue, Pink and Flora Grey.

girl riding the Micro Flex classic 145mm kick scooter



Flexible skateboard style deck

micro flex scooter deck

The main feature of the Micro Flex series of kick scooters is the scooters' patented wood and fibreglass deck instead of the standard extruded aluminium deck. This deck has a cambered shape, which means it is pre-shaped with a mild upward arch so it absorbs shocks and vibrations from the ground in a natural way. This gives you a much milder, more comfortable ride.

145mm medium sized wheel

micro flex 145mm front wheel

145mm is the common medium wheel size for kick scooters. This size is a good compromise between weight and performance. It allows the scooter to be light and small for kids to use, and yet large enough for an adult for a casual ride or for commuting.

kick scooter specialist opinion

This high-end medium size kick scooter is probably an overkill as a children's kick scooter. Our opinion is that it is a versatile mid-sized multi-role kick scooter. It is small and light yet comfortable enough for the daily commute. It is also great as a run-about to go to the shops. Our favourite use for it is for the daily commute, because it is an excellent balance between portability and ride comfort.


  • Handlebar height: 68 - 96 cm
  • Foldable: yes
  • Weight 4.23 kg
  • Wheels: 145 mm PU Type 82° Shore A
  • Deck size: 13.5 x 33 cm
  • Deck Material: Wood-Glassfiber-Composite
  • Max. load 100 kg
  • Fender: No
  • Kickstand: Installed
  • Strap holder: Installed
  • Dimension folded 73 x 13.5 x 28 cm



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