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Micro Flex

by Micro
Original price $325.00 SGD - Original price $325.00 SGD
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$325.00 SGD
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Colour: Blue

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micro flex deluxe blue 200mm kick scooter with male rider

Micro took its flagship adult kick scooter, the Micro Deluxe and added a patented flexible skateboard-style deck. The result is the Micro Flex Deluxe. For the kick scooter rider accustomed to the ride quality of the Micro Deluxe, this deck brings additional comfort by tampering road shocks and bumpiness. The cambered deck also makes the scooter look even better by softening the metallic lines with the subtle lines of a beautiful wood/glass fibre deck.

Available in three beautiful colours: Black, anodized Sapphire Blue and anodized Aubergine.

micro flex deluxe kick scooter aubergine shoulder carried girl



Flexible skateboard style deck

micro flex scooter deck

The main feature of the Micro Flex series of kick scooters is the scooters' patented wood and fibreglass deck instead of the standard extruded aluminium deck. This deck has a cambered shape, which means it is pre-shaped with a mild upward arch so it absorbs shocks and vibrations from the ground in a natural way. This gives you a much milder, more comfortable ride.

kick scooter specialist opinion

Those who have ridden skateboards will be familiar with the feeling of a subtly flexible deck. The flexible deck takes the edge off from vibrations and converts the bumps of the ground into a road-feel that can be enjoyed. It adds a springy liveliness to an otherwise potentially jarring ride. This adult kick scooter is most suitable for buyers who have fond memories of skateboarding, and can accept the downsides of a composite deck. Unlike a tough aluminium scooter deck which can shrug off knocks and grazes, a composite deck can accumulate nicks and suffer damage to the edges. To some riders, this adds character. To others the damage may be an eyesore. The composite deck also adds some visual interest to the scooter and makes it a more handsome ride than the classic Micro Black or Micro White. We recommend this scooter to the long range leisure rider or frequent kick scooter commuter.



  • Handlebar height: 68 - 96 cm
  • Foldable: yes
  • Weight 4.23 kg
  • Wheels: 145 mm PU Type 82° Shore A
  • Deck size: 13.5 x 33 cm
  • Deck Material: Wood-Glassfiber-Composite
  • Max. load 100 kg
  • Fender: No
  • Kickstand: Installed
  • Strap holder: Installed
  • Dimension folded 73 x 13.5 x 28 cm