Yvolution Pewi (for 9 to 36 months) Walker

$118.88 SGD

yvolution logo kick scooter available in singapore

The Yvolution Pewi is a 2-in-1 baby walker. It is designed to help your young one develop balance and motor skills as they start learning to walk. It can be used as a walking assistant or your child can sit on it as a ride-on.

The Yvolution Pewi is special because unlike regular walkers, they can roll in any direction, challenging your child's motor skills as they try to retain control. The Pewi offers some support and encourages your child to find their way using more and more of their own physical abilities. This free-form motion stimulates muscles in the body and the child's awareness of the surroundings.


  • an updated baby walker designed to challenge a baby's motor skills more than traditional walkers as they learn to walk.
  • two modes: regular baby walker or as a ride-on
  • multi-directional movement offers freedom of movement and challenges child's motor skills
  • 1 Year Local (Singapore) Manufacturer Warranty

Box dimensions: 39 x 30 x 10cm

free local delivery in singapore

About the Company

Yvolution is an international brand with design and distribution offices in Ireland and California. It gained recognition and success in 2009 with balance bikes and moved on to develop a complete line of kick scooters and ride-ons designed for ages from babies to teenagers. Yvolution works with researchers in Dublin City University and The University of California to develop products that are not just fun to use but contribute to motor skill development.

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