Yvolution Y Glider XL

$208.88 SGD

yvolution logo kick scooter available in singapore

The Yvolution Y Glider XL is a configurable three-wheel scooter intended for children 5 to 8 years of age. 

It is a 'lean-to-steer' system but has a switch to vary the level of difficulty in the steering system. This allows the child to choose between easy ("Learn"), intermediate ("Grow") and experienced ("Pro") handling levels, depending on their age and ability.

If you are not sure how fast or how far your child can go and want to offer flexibility to match the child's ability, this scooter is the one to go for.



  • allows parents to choose among three steering difficulty level to match the child's riding ability.
  • height adjustable handle bar
  • non-foldable but detachable steering column
  • easy-to-use low profile and durable rear brake
  • colour customizable wheel spokes
  • smooth spinning wheels with a stable deck
  • 1 Year Local (Singapore) Manufacturer Warranty

free local delivery in singapore

About the Company

Yvolution is an international brand with design and distribution offices in Ireland and California. It gained recognition and success in 2009 with balance bikes and moved on to develop a complete line of kick scooters and ride-ons designed for ages from babies to teenagers. Yvolution works with researchers in Dublin City University and The University of California to develop products that are not just fun to use but contribute to motor skill development.

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