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How to ride a kick scooter

How to ride a kick scooter

Correct Kick Scooter Riding Posture and How to ride a kick scooter

Here we explain how to stand on a kick scooter, the most comfortable and stable posture and how to push and ride it. In this guide, we will assume the rider is already able to ride a bicycle.

Correct kick scooter riding posture

First things first: identify your master leg

Just like most people have master hand, we tend to balance better on one of our legs. The master leg is the one that you can balance better on. If you are not sure which it is, try hopping on one leg. Very quickly you will identify which is your master leg. The master leg (also called balance leg) is the one that stands on the deck. The other leg (called the action leg) is the one that pushes and brakes.

Stepping on

Stand with the scooter on the side of your body where your master leg is. Both you and your scooter should be facing the same direction. Grip the handle grips securely.  Step on with your master leg (see balance leg in light red above) on the deck. The foot should be at the centre of the deck width-wise, and placed as close to the front of the deck as possible. The tip of your shoe should be very close to, or touching the front end of the deck.

The pushing feet, now still on the ground, should be as close to the deck as possible, almost touching the side of the scooter.

Pushing off

Make sure your eyes are looking forward (many new riders look down at their feet). Push off against the ground backward gently and continue pushing a few times until you achieve a comfortable speed that allows the scooter to glide without wobbling.

Gliding posture

Now that the kick scooter is rolling, you want to glide. Lift your pushing leg off and quickly tiptoe it at the heel of the master foot (see leg in dark red above). The pushing leg should be resting and relaxing on the deck in this posture. It should not be stepping on the rear fender brake. This gliding posture keeps your action leg close to your balance leg and improves your overall balance. The feet is also kept in a position to quickly press down on the brake when necessary.

To keep the scooter moving, simply swing your action leg up and forward before bringing it down in a comfortable arc to contact the ground and push back in a smooth motion.

Once the push or pushes are over, quickly rest the pushing leg back in the gliding posture.

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