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Warranty and Repairs


Some of our products are covered by warranty against manufacturing defects. If there is warranty for a product, it will be indicated on the respective product information page on our website. A product is not covered by warranty if there is no indication of warranty on the respective product page.

If you suspect there is a defect with your product, you can bring it to our showroom for us to check it. You may have to leave the product with us for the check or repairs, as we are not always able to check or repair it on-the-spot.

For your convenience, you may want to take a photo of the defective part with your mobile phone and email it to so we can survey it for you before you make a trip to visit us.

Validity of Warranty

Warranty does not cover:

  • wear and tear;
  • failure to set up, install or use the product in accordance with user instructors provided by the manufacturer;
  • misuse, intentional damage, poor storage conditions, or usage of the product beyond its normal limits, lack of maintenance, accident by you or any other user;
  • modification or repair by any person who is not authorised by RocksugarCo to repair the Product
  • loss of a part

Please be sure to present proof of purchase from our store with our store receipt or invoice. Warranty does not cover products which are not purchased from our store, online store or our authorised dealers. If you are not sure if your product is covered by warranty, please contact us with a copy of your receipt.

Most products with warranty are covered for no more than 1 year from the date of purchase, based on the date on the receipt / invoice.


If there is a manufacturing defect with your product, we will deal with it in the following manner:

  1. repair the defective part of the product.
  2. if we are unable to repair the part, we will replace the part.
  3. if we are unable to repair or replace the part, we will replace the product.

We will not replace or refund the product when there is a defect with a part of the product that can be repaired or replaced.

If the warranty period of the product is still valid, there is no cost for repairs or replacements.

If the warranty period of the product is over, there will be a fee for repair or replacement.

Delivery and transportation

If there is a need to deliver the product between the customer and us, the cost will be borne by the customer. An estimation of the delivery fee (one way) is as follows:

  • products less than 5Kg in weight: $10
  • products more 5 to 10Kg in weight: $20
  • products more than 10Kg in weight: $20 to $50