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About Us

Decks & Scooters is a kick scooter specialist based in Singapore. We distribute quality kick scooters and skateboards from makers around the world. We hand-pick scooters, skateboards, gear and accessories based on design, quality and our own experience using them. Contact us with your kick scooter and skateboard questions and we will be happy to advise you on the best choice for your ride.

We are product specialists. In this day and age when anyone can setup an web store in minutes and start drop-shipping someone else's product, we are different. The product specialists in DecksAndScooters are cyclists, skateboarders, inline-skaters and kick scooter riders. We know our gear. We won't put up something for sale that we will not proudly use ourselves. If you are looking for a bargain, there are lots of other places you can shop at. If you are looking for quality curated product, find it here.

Brands We Distribute:

Fuzion kick scooters

Hudora kick scooters and skateboards

Decks & Scooters, and are brands of RocksugarCo Lifestyle LLP.