cruisers and mini cruiser skateboard singapore

[Image: @karina.petroni carves on her Penny. #PennyAdventures]

The cruiser is often the first skateboard that riders will buy. It is the one with the most memories because it will be the skateboard you use most of the time. Small, light and a companion for the road, it takes you everywhere once you step out of the door.

Usually 32 inches or shorter, the cruiser or mini cruiser is versatile and meant to be both a commuting tool and a pleasure tool. It is not as easy as a full-sized longboard to start skateboarding on, but is a favourite size for many casual riders.

Length and materials vary widely, from 22 inches to over 30 inches. They are can be made of plastic, maple or bamboo. Most come with a raised kicktail so you can pop the cruiser's tip up to pick it up easily. Cruisers usually come with wide wheels made of soft polyurethane for grip, and narrow trucks for maneuvrability. Add graphics and there is a bewildering choice.

cruiser skate board singapore

[image: @nuneztrip]