Glideco Kick Scooters

Glideco kick scooter logo

Glideco is a kick scooter brand of Singapore. Glideco scooters are a collection of scooters that meet the different needs of urban dwellers. Each model excels in a different riding environment. Whether you are a leisure rider or a daily commuter, there will be a Glideco scooter that meets your needs. Glideco scooters also offer excellent quality at competitive prices.

The 2020 collection consists of these models:

Glideco CityTourer

A compact, low-riding scooter that is extremely easy to push. This simple, practical scooter is suitable for both leisure and rides and commuting.

Glideco Cruiser200

Our most popular Glideco model. The Cruiser200 has a single-action folding mechanism that makes it super easy to fold and unfold. The beautiful anodized finish makes this scooter a pleasure to ride. This model is suitable for both park riding and commuting.

Glideco Explorer

This is an exciting scooter. It is the only Glideco with both front and rear shock absorbers and handbrake. This scooter handles uneven ground and high riding speeds confidently.

Glideco GrandTourer

Designed for park riding, this model comes with an extra large front wheel for long, graceful glides. The wide deck makes allows for relaxed foot placement and the front shock absorber gives it a great ride quality.