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Globber Ultimum 3-wheel Kick Scooter for Adults

by Globber
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Original price $248.00 SGD
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Original price $248.00 SGD
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Current price $175.00 SGD
Colour: Navy Blue


Designed for kids and adults

the whole family can share this scooter. It has the tallest handlebars in the market for a three wheel kick scooter, adjustable across 6 heights.

This is the most impressive three wheel adult kick scooter we have seen in the scooter market, and at a very compelling retail price. The Globber Ultimum three wheel kick scooter is designed from scratch with the adult rider in mind, but can be shared by kids as well.

The Ultimum has a number of features that adult riders will appreciate.

These include a very tall adjustable handlebar, more than a metre from the ground when fully extended. This means adults can ride it with a comfortable upright posture, unlike when sharing a three-wheel kick scooter designed for kids. The fixed bicycle style handlebar with high grade TPR grips offer a very solid feel.

A unique feature is Globber's patented adjustable steering angle control system. This allows parents to enjoy advanced riding with sharp turns while allowing the steering to be tightened for kids to ride more safely.

The trolley mode is a huge win for the Globber line of scooters. There are many foldable three wheel kick scooters in the market, but few have a trolley function. This makes it super convenient to move the scooter around when inside buildings.

A bonus for the Globber Ultimum is its tasteful, mature design. Unlike plastic-looking, colourful models for kids, the Ultimum is styled like a high performance scooter that it is. It looks at home parked in the office pantry or in a corner of the board room.

Most suitable for...

This model is best for adult riders who struggle to ride a two-wheel kick scooter, adult riders who want to share the scooter with kids or adult riders who just enjoy the carefree surf-like feel of a three-wheel kick scooter.

globber ultimum three wheel kick scooters is designed for both adults and kids


Wide profile wheels

43mm wide front wheels increases traction and stability.

The widest deck in the market

Designed with adults in mind, the 15cm wide deck is the widest for three wheel scooters.

Patented Steering tightness control

Adjust the turning radius to your preference.

Trolley mode when folded

Convert to trolley mode with a single button push.


watch video of the Globber Ultimum


Steering type: Lean-to-steer with patented adjustable steering angle control

Wheels: 125 x 43 mm front, 90 x 43 mm rear

Max. Load: 100 kg

Suitable age: 5+ to adult

Folding system: Press button, rotate to fold into trolley mode

Deck: 15cm at widest, composite deck