Giro Scamp Helmet

$65.00 SGD

Giro Scamp Bicycle Helmet for Kids

boy wearing giro scamp bicycle helmet for kid

boy wearing giro scamp helmet for kids, cycling on a bicycle with father

The Scamp helmet is made to the same standards have have the some of the same features as Giro's adult helmets. This helmet has an integrated visor which protrudes from the front of the helmet.

The Scamp in size S is adjustable from 49-53cm, which is suitable for kids from 4 years to about 8 years of age (it may vary from child to child).

This helmet features the Giro Roc Loc Jr. dial fit system. It is designed to match the curvature of the head of children. It is easy to adjust, even the child can do it. The adjustment dial is deliberately big and rubberised so it is easy to handle.

The helmet also also has a thoughtful pinch-guard, which is a flap at the chin strap which avoids the tender skin under the child's chin from being pinched when the buckle snaps shut.

The scamp has eight vents which help to keep the kid's head cool even in warm weather. The helmet is constructed with a polycarbonate outer shell fused with shock-absorbing EPS foam. This is a durable design suitable for years of use.

Available in a number of high visibility colours.



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