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ABUS Tresor 1385 Chain Lock

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Colour/Length CM: Aqua/85

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The Abus Tresor sets the standard in chain locks for bicycles. This is a heavy duty chain lock made of 6mm / 7mm specially harden steel chains. The chains are covered with a protective fabric which does not scratch your bike / scooter. The high quality 4-digit combination code lock are made with two-colour components. The digits on the reels are not painted on, but are made of a separate colour component. This ensures that the digits do not wear out like on other combination locks after prolonged use.

Available in different 75cm, 85 cm and 110 cm in various colours.


  • made of tough 6mm or 7mm square chains of specially hardened steel
  • durable protective fabric sleeves prevents scratches on your bike
  • two-component digit reels remain visible even with long and frequent use
  • special 'touch protection' makes it harder for the lock to be picked by guessing the correct number by feeling the mechanism on each digit.
  • combination code can be customized and reset


  • Length: 75/85/110 cm
  • Diameter: 6/7/7 mm
  • Weight: 750/1050g/1350g
  • Locking type: combination
  • Package Dim: 38 x 6 x 4 cm