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Penny Skateboards

penny skateboard logo
Lizzie Armanto on a 22 inch Penny skateboard

Lots of people make great wooden skateboards. But when it comes to plastic, Penny still makes one of the best. You just have to hold one in your hand to know it.

Penny Skateboard from Australia was inspired by the original plastic mini cruisers that were popular in the eighties. While Penny boards are famous for their beautiful and trend setting colours and graphics, it is the solid quality of these plastic skateboards that are winning fans.

They have perfected the formula for the plastic deck, making a beautiful classic deck that is the best possible balance between stiffness and flexibility. The material is unmistakably high grade, tough and the solid colours of the plastic deck does not bleach after years in the sun.

The truck, wheels, bushing and bearings are also excellent in quality for what they are intended to do: letting the thousands of skateboard lovers around the globe cruise around their cities and towns. The ride is consistent, smooth and lively. Unless you are very heavy (more than 80kg), Penny skateboards are just the right amount of spring and flex.

Sure, there are loads of cheaper Penny board lookalikes  around. But anyone who has ridden one will tell you they are the golden standard for plastic skateboards.

The most popular classic shape is available in 22 inches and 27 inches for larger riders. Penny is also available in 32 inches and shaped like typical skatepark trick skateboards, and the beautiful torpedo-shaped 36 inch longboard.

It's hard to put it down once you have picked one up. This is one piece of plastic that won't end up in the sea. But if you love saltwater, Penny also make surfboards.


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