Abus 1150/120 Spiral Cable Lock with Combination

$20.00 SGD

Abus 1150 Lightweight Spiral Cable Lock with 3-digit Combination

A very compact and lightweight combination lock from German brand Abus. This sprial cable lock weights only 178 grams. It is made from a 7mm thick steel cable that is strong enough for securing your bicycle or scooter for short periods.

This spiral lock can be easily coiled around your bicycle or kick scooter and the 3-digit combination makes it a a breeze to lock and unlock very quickly. The coil is encased in a plastic coating so it does not scratch the paintwork on your bicycle or scooter.

When fully coiled, the cable is 120cm long, so it is long enough for most locking scenarios.


Article Number: 1150/120
Length: 120cm
Locking mechanism: 3 digit combination
Weight: 120g