Micro Kick Scooters

Micro mobility kick scooter

group of teens and adults with micro kick scooters

girls riding micro maxi deluxe three wheel kick scooter

ladies using micro trike kids pram buggy

Swiss maker Micro is probably the most well known international kick scooter brand in the world. Micro kick scooters are widely recognised by both sellers and buyers alike as very high quality products. Micro is also constantly innovating, launching updated products every year, leading the marketing in terms of features and design. Micro designs its own scooters and they are made of carefully chosen materials and often last for many years. Their kid's scooters are durable enough to let the child outgrow them and get passed on, often many times. Their adult kick scooters are also highly regarded and tastefully designed. They look at home in the park, on the streets or in the boardroom.

If you are looking for a kick scooter that is well designed, durable and a joy to use, a Micro will not disappoint.

Decks And Scooters is proud to be an authorised reseller of Micro in Singapore. That means Micro kick scooters purchased us are sourced through the appointed exclusive distributor in Singapore and enjoy two years warranty against manufacturing defects. Whether a defect is admissible as a manufacturing defect is defined by the distributor.