Micro White / Micro Black

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Micro White / Micro Black kick scooter

Micro White and Black kick scooter riders

The Micro White & Black is the most recognisable of Micro's adult kick scooter range and has been the flagship model since the beginning. This is evident because the model bears the namesake of the brand, called simply by its colour "Black" or "White" after the brand "Micro".

It is one of our favourite kick scooters. This is because it is such a comfortable scooter to ride in the parks and at the same time understated enough to carry into the corporate office.

The Micro Black/White is well-known for having high build quality, being smooth-gliding and being extremely comfortable to ride.

Available in the signature Black or White.

Micro Black / Micro White also has several variants, some variants with enhanced features.

Micro white kick scooter hand carried


Multi-Mount Clip

Micro White and Black multi-clip

The useful Multi-Mount Clip allows you to collapse and stabilize the handlebar grips when carrying the scooter.

Smooth-sliding telescopic steering column

Unlike other kick scooters which often have stuck or broken telescopic steering columns, the carefully designed internal handlebar guide ensures smooth lengthening and shortening of the steering column for a long time.

Smooth-gliding wheels and bearings

micro white black kick scooter wheel

Thick high-rebound polyurethane thread, stiff and durable composite core coupled with very high-quality ABEC7 bearings gives the Micro White & Black scooter it's well-known smooth and effortless ride.

Durable and easy folding mechanism

micro white black folding mechanism closeup

The elegantly S-shaped quick release clamp on Micro's scooters is probably the largest in the market, and for good reasons. The patented folding mechanism is fashioned out of a solid block of aluminium for strength and durability. It is so sophisticated and pricey to manufacture that it is probably the only folding system which has not been imitated on a large scale by low-end manufacturers. The oversized clamp lever allows a high compression to be applied on the joint for a rattle-free ride.

Elegant Kick Stand

micro black white kick stand scooter

The well-designed kick stand, besides being useful, is unique in that it tucks away discreetly, completely flush with the body of the scooter not unlike how a remora sticks hydro-dynamically on a shark.

Low-riding deck for comfort

low deck micro white black scooter

A deck that glides close to the ground is one of the hallmarks of a comfortable scooter. A low deck is comfortable because you can push without bending the knee of the leg standing on the deck. It is expensive and technically difficult to manufacture a deck with a 'deep drop', so this refinement is usually only found on high-end scooters like the Micro Black and White.



  • Age range: kids from 7 years to adults
  • Dimension: folded 73x12x33 cm
  • Weight: 4.7 kg
  • Wheels: 200 mm high rebound PU 83A Hardness
  • Deck 12 cm x 33 cm Aluminium
  • Handlebar: adjustable from 72 - 103 cm
  • Max. load 100 kg
  • Fender: front & rear installed
  • Kickstand: installed
  • Strap holder: installed
  • Box Dim. : 74 x 35 x 15 cm

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